Established in 1984, The Pet School and Hotel is located in Louisville, Kentucky just east of Anchorage. In March 2003 it came under the new ownership of Mary L. Perry. We provide top-notch care for your pets, great customer support, and prices that can’t be beat!


The Pet Hotel


The Pet Hotel is a modern boarding facility that is heated and air-conditioned, providing a healthy and comfortable place for your pet to stay, while you are away. Each pet has its room with a non-opening window to the outside for basking in a sunbeam and lollygagging. Solid walls separate each room so no dog is nose-to-nose with a neighbor. Your pet is turned out individually five to six times each day in a large potty yard and exercised in the training room. A stay at The Pet Hotel is an excellent time for refresher training.


The Pet School

The Pet School programs are specifically designed for the successful training of your pet. Our staff is well trained and experienced. Our training process uses the Clicker Method to achieve desired
behavior. Your pet obeys your commands because they desire to please you, not because they have to. You learn to apply the obedience exercises learned at The Pet School as part of your daily life. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to eat dinner while your pet is on stay, instead of begging at the table? This is just part of the many ways life with your pet becomes better through training at The Pet School.

Come visit us … virtually and in person

We would love to show you the facilities at The Pet School and

Hotel and explain our training programs in more detail. Please call us at 244-0519 to arrange an appointment and find out how your life with your pet can be more enjoyable.


You can also take an online virtual tour of The Pet School and Hotel … just click on the green button: