The Pet School


Senior man's hands with a dog's leash and collar.

Training Options


During this four-week course, you are taught to train your dog using what has been learned in class, then practicing at home during the week. Classes are held once a week for 1.5 hours and include basic manners, tips on house training and some grooming. Classes are small to assure individual attention and problem solving. Classes are currently being held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at a cost of $90.00.

 Boarding School


This is a two-week training course during which your pet stays in our boarding facilities. The same exercises are taught as in the Classroom course. Private lessons are given when you pick up your pet so you can achieve the same obedience from your dog that the trainer has.

Follow-up consultations with the trainer and refresher classes are offered at no extra charge when your pet returns home. These activities are to reinforce the training you are doing at home with your dog and to ease the transition from boarding school training to that done in the home environment.

The fee for Boarding School is $650. The fee includes boarding, training, consultations and refresher classes. A 50% deposit is requested when your dog arrives for Boarding School.

Vacation time is a great opportunity to put your pet in the Boarding School. While you are away relaxing, we care for and train your pet. When you return, you become involved in their training and go home with a well-trained, happy companion.

Both programs are successful ways to enhance your lives together. Some people have more time to be involved in the initial training of their dogs than others, so choose the course that’s best fits your needs.



CAUTION: Success depends on your understanding of the methods employed during Boarding School, your commitment to faithfully practice those methods at home with your pet, and your attendance at the refresher classes.